New Year's Update

Quicksilver is doing well and still growing. He is almost as large as Whiskers!

Asparagus has outgrown Terminator. They spend the days outside in a tub when the weather permits. Sadly, Hydra died on the 1st. The crawdads will be released in the spring.

Callie is still in love with food.

Sky has gotten even bigger. When I let her out of the pen every morning, she goes to a large oak tree and gobbles up the fallen acorns, talking all the while.

Commando is fitting in with the flock and steadily making his way up the pecking order.

The only way Swifty has changed is to become fatter. A few days ago I had to rescue a baby milk snake that he had found.

Piglet is completely healed. She will be released in the spring.

Hazard is slowly growing and enjoying life.

Little Hawk appears to be a hen. She/He is still very flighty and does not mind the dark.

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