On the cold evening of 11-14-14, we met Piglet.
My mother brought her inside after rescuing her from Swifty the cat.
The little vole was shivering and not moving much, and was wounded on her side and above her ear. We quickly put her on a heating pad to warm her up. 
Once she started moving around, she was given water to drink and moved from a box to a Kritter Keeper. 
After her wounds were healed, she was moved to a large plastic tub, where she currently lives.
On the night of 12-1-14, she escaped while I was taking pictures of her. 
After searching the room, I found her under a lamp stand beside my bed. 
Thinking that the bottom was completely hollow, I set it back down over her to keep her in one place while I moved the bed. 
Once I could reach everything better, I picked the lamp stand up, but not all of the bottom was hollow. 
Piglet had gotten crushed under it. 
When I picked up her twisted body, she was breathing very rapidly, had peed on herself, and lay in a non-natural position. 
I knew that only Jesus could save her and I begged Him to. 
And He did! 
It was not long before she started moving around, and by the next day, she was as good as new. 
She is called Piglet because she is tiny and makes grunt-like squeaks when she wants to be left alone. If her warning is ignored, she will bite. She eats a lot for her size. 
Food includes: hamster food, vegetarian dog food, lettuce, baby rice cereal and pecans.
She chews any plastic that she can get her paws on, even though she has other things to chew, including sticks. 
She washes her face about a million miles per hour, it seems. 
And everything she does is fast.

We will keep her until she can be released in the upcoming spring. 
Some people kill voles because they sometimes did tunnels through yards, but they are innocent and special like all of God's animals. They should be loved and respected, not hated. 

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