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I have been really busy for a while but I now I'm back. There will be new posts soon.

5-29-15 - We found Gigi -aka Psycho Bird's- family!

I am staring a new blog on our dogs. Here is the link 

Chacha is 10 years old today!

It is Izzy the Fent's 7th birthday today!

5-12-15 - We got 6 new Amberlink chicks today. Click here to see them.

Click here to see all the oak snakes we are finding this year.

These are our new ducks:  Ace, Tempest and Surf. 
Click here for more pictures of them

4-23-15 - The wonderful hen, Flower, died last night in her sleep. 
I miss her very much.

 I found Sky's first nest with five eggs on the 14th.  It sad that they are not fertile.

I noticed a few days ago that Quacky has gotten a couple curled tail feathers.
I thought only male ducks could get them?

My two youngest birds are doing great. 
Click here to see them grow. 

Last updated on 5-28-15

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