This is Chacha, my chihuahua. He is 10 years old today.
He was given to me as a Christmas present at around 7 months old and has been my best friend ever since. He is only 3 lbs, but is not afraid to take on anyone and has more courage then any other creature I have ever known. Anytime I am upset or not feeling well, he is there to protect me and is always ready to chase anyone away.

It might look like he is starving sometimes. We fed him everything that we could think of but nothing made him gain weight. He has always been skinny and the vet told us that some dogs are just like that. After we started feeding him vegetarian dog food and a lot of 'table food', he gained a little weight but not much. One of his ribs was broken when was younger and you can clearly see it on his side.

He is the boss around here and he knows it, but I would never do anything to change that. He does not tolerate more then about three people holding him or petting him in a dominant way. He loves Fifi and will guard her while she is eating so Callie does not steal her food. He puts up with all the different animals that I bring inside, although he does not really like the rat, Remy. At least not when Remy wants to play with him.

I am not really sure what else to type. I mean, how do you describe someone that you love more then you can say? Words will not do him justice, so here are some more pictures.

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