About Me  
I am a vegetarian girl who loves animals and will do anything to help them.
I live on a small farm in Florida where I care for a odd assortment of creatures and also volunteer at a  wild animal rehabilitation place. You would be surprised at all the animals you never knew existed!
 Any orphan, abandoned, or wounded animals that me or my family find we do our best to save.
It may seem that our animals are neglected or not cared for properly because several have been attacked by predators or gotten sick. But that is what happens when you keep animals, no matter how good you care for them. Sometimes bad things happen and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. 
We learn every time and fix whatever caused the problem. 

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Guest Posts
My sister, Heather, tell the story of the opossum named Eric. 

My Current Animals  
2 Donkeys
 2 Turkeys
 3 Dogs
 9 Ducks
 1 Rat
  1 Cat
45+ Fishes
54 Chickens
1 Pigeon 

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