Wild, bloody and terrified - these were the best words to describe Commando when I first saw him. 
It was 10-23-14 when Karen M. brought him to us. 
He was a young, game-type rooster who's face was badly beaten in a fight by other males. 
His head was covered in dried blood, his eyes stuck shut, the base of his comb tore and his earlobes swollen. He was also missing some feathers from his neck and had small scratches on parts of his body. After cleaning his face, he was put into a small carrier. The first two days he ate little food. After he perked up, he was moved to a outside pen. 

On 10-28-14, I cut open one of his earlobes, which was still several times the normal size. Inside was congealed blood that had been unable to drain. After cleaning it out, it was left open to heal. 
It did not take long before he was well, and was then free to roam the yard where he choose during the day.

Later, his head started smelling like canker but I was unable to find it and the smell eventually disappeared.
A week or so ago, he was introduced to the other chickens. 
Although it will take a while before they accept him into their flock, he is making steady progress.

Named after the Howling Commandos from Captain America: The Winter Solider and the feared mob from Meerkat Manor, Commando is a very independent rooster. 
He was hatched earlier this year and is from the same flock as Little Hawk
I have scared him be accident a few times and it takes several days before he will let me get around him again. 
He is talkative, intelligent, and seems to understand most of what I say. 
He is also very handsome, flighty and fast, and does not like other chickens or ducks.
He spends most of his time alone.

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