This is the story of my sister's dog. Click here for her blog.

On the cold night of  11-16-09, Callie was born. 
She was the only survivor out of a litter of four pups. 
Because her mother, a chihuahua by the name of Chichi, bit her head and refused to care for her, she was given to Circle Vitus. 
This Yorkie, who had recently lost her pup, Juno, to infection, was very active. 
She spent most of her time running in circles around her doghouse, hence her name, and rarely acknowledged Callie except to nurse her at night. 
To keep her warm, we took Callie inside during the day. She was introduced to solid food very early and grew quickly. 
It was not long before she was ready to come and live with us.  

Also called "Goofy" or "Rolly," she is a fun-loving dog with a very pretty face. 
Often, when one of us is sitting on the couch, she will climb up on our shoulder and wine, while looking at us with her big, sad eyes. 
She has a wonderful nose, excellent hearing and loves food. As soon as we drop a piece of food, she comes running and always watches us when we are eating. 

She has been 'mostly' vegetarian for her entire life. 
Although she has never been to the vet or had any vaccines, she is very healthy. 

Callie is a humble little dog, who does not like strange dogs or people. She is fearful of thunder and anxious during car rides, but loves to explore and go on nature walks. 

Unlike most chihuahuas, her fur is somewhat stiff. She snores and snorts.
If there is but one flea on her, she scratches and chews, trying to rid herself of the insect. 

She is a great watchdog who lets us know if anyone drives up or if anything odd is happening. 
She has just turned five years old today. 

Click here to see more pictures of her.

Callie's dog mothers
Circle Vitus

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