This small bantam hen is Jane.
On 4-8-13, she and Sigyn were given to us by Annette B.
How anyone could give away such a wonderful girl is beyond me, but I enjoy caring for her and she has forever home here with us.
She has a very small head which makes her eyes look huge.
She is also very subordinate and usually calm.
This causes some of the other chickens to bully her, so she is only kept with gentle chickens or those who don't bother her.
She feels secure in the small dog crate and is often found resting there during the day.
Although she is healthy and not at all underweight, she only weighs around 1 lb.
On cold nights she has to be brought inside because she is so old and the freezing weather is hard on her.
This is how it should be for an old hen.
I named her after a character from the Thor movies.

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